Shambala Tulum Retreat, w/ Dr. Nikki Starr & Nicole Adriana Casanova

Love, laugh, hug, the best medicine.
Nikki Starr

Shambala Tulum is a magical place that transports you to another world. It is a holistic retreat with yoga classes, meditation and reiki sessions, guided by the expert Dr. Nikki Starr and Nicole Adriana Casanova.

The place is just beautiful, with crystal white sand and a view at sunrise that takes your breath away. The tranquility of the place surrounds you and invites you to connect with yourself and with nature.

Shambala Petit is a place full of details that make it special, from its architecture and design, to its delicious dishes prepared with organic and fresh ingredients.

The experience at Shambala Tulum is unique and invites you on a journey of self-discovery and connection with the universe. As a photographer, I have had the opportunity to capture some of the most beautiful moments of this place, such as sunrise on the beach, outdoor yoga classes and meditation sessions in nature.

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